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Friday, December 24, 2010

"PUPPETROLL" ( coined by Adonis King of AllXCast) has been accepted by URBAN DICTIONARY

An annoying faceless Internet "troll" (see sep. def.) who hides and targets people to harass and annoy in chatrooms and comment sites (i.e. YouTube") A "puppetroll" seems to be targeting people who hold or defend a specific belief system or political posture and who also are seemingly in collusion with others (of opposition discredit, defame and/or attempt to invalidate the opinions of others).
Examples: "My YouTube Video had a massive number of "Puppetroll's" today"; "The "Puppetrolls" are all over the Board Tonight eh?" "Damn you "Puppetrolls"!!" (may also be shortened to "DYP!")

Please go HERE
To cast your vote and let's see if we can make PUPPETROLLS the "Word of the Year"!

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